Recruiting New Students
Magnolia Kindergarten

Magnolia Kindergarten is a new kindergarten in a historic House located in People’s square. The experienced team of teachers and managers are ready to welcome your children and to offer them the best and complete education!

Our mission:
To contribute to the development of internationally-minded, curious and enthusiastic children

How we achieve:
By helping our children lead a life of discovery, full of rich cultural experiences.

A Magnolia student is like a tree…

A child, like a tree, has deep roots: From over 15 different cultural backgrounds, students from all over the world choose Magnolia to learn and grow. Here, we encourage the traditions that come from our many different ways of life. All under one roof, we feel at home in our diverse kindergarten.

A child, like a tree, has a strong trunk that is growing everyday: Our students learn according to Chinese, French and British curriculums so they can go on to join top international and public kindergartens, prepared to continue succeeding. We read books to open the children's eyes and expand their imaginations. Screens are prohibited at Magnolia. There are no cartoons here and no artificial interactions, only real learning and quality teaching.

A child, like a tree, has branches and leaves expanding in all directions:
Our monthly field trips investigate real jobs, real transportation modes, and the real people around us in their daily environments. It's all about the new experiences we propose to children: regular performances, daily role playing, arts & crafts, sports, and special guests/speakers invited to the school.

We also offer wide-ranging after-school activities to enrich each child's education according to their own special interests, including swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Dance, Music, Zumba...

A child, like a Magnolia tree, blooms flowers: Our school is the result of love, attention, and a passion for teaching from all of the Magnolia Team. The children's confidence is in full-bloom after a day at kindergarten. You can see it on their faces! Their happiness comes from daily successes, discoveries, and the joy that comes from playing with friends from everywhere. They are always interested in learning more and eager to come back to school every day!

A child, like a tree, gives back to its environment: Magnolia is proud to be a green and environmentally-friendly school. We teach students the importance of taking care of our world through recycling projects, gardening, and second-hand/charity events. Here at Magnolia, we know that children are the shapers of tomorrow and we believe they deserve a future as bright as they are.

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Recruiting New Students

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