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Magnolia Kindergarten welcomes talented parents to participate and share their talent with the children. At the beginning of the school year your child’s teacher will ask you to fill a form with your skills, working field, company business etc. in order to stimulate some real life experience from our community.

Field trips are scheduled according to the topic of the month or to enjoy special event or exhibition in Shanghai. Parents are welcome to accompany their class.

School festivals with families will take place regularly at school. These events help the child to understand the concept of time and encourage classes to work together on a project. These festivals will follow the events from Chinese and foreigner calendar in order to discover the tradition and culture from others. Above all, Festival is the best way to meet each other, to share and build our school community.

Communication between the administration and the parents will be done via email and telephone. If necessary, appointments can be arranged anytime. Everyday during drop off and pick up time, parents are welcome to talk to teacher and staff members.

Communication between teachers and parents will be done via email.  Class email address will be check everyday by the teacher, communication book between school and family, by appointment and of course at the beginning and at the end of the day when you pick up or drop off your child. \

Note: teachers cannot share their personal telephone numbers with parents.

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Our Parents
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