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Celebration of La Fête des rois

Celebration of La Fête des rois

1月6日是法国最重要的节日之一——显现节Epiphanie,又称三王朝圣节 (la Fête des rois)。这天,法国人的传统是吃Galette des Rois!
6th of January is one of the most important festival in France . Because this day is Epiphanie , which is also called a Fête des rois. French people should eat Galette des Rois on this day,

三王朝圣饼是由千层酥皮包裹著杏仁奶油内馅(la Frangipane)所烘烤成类似派的馅饼。圣诞节后,巴黎街头大大小小的面包店,甚至大型超市,就会推出各种尺寸的三王朝圣饼,一人份的、两人份的……甚至大到十人份的油油亮亮、乳香四溢的三王朝圣饼,饼上面经常放着硬纸板做的皇冠。
Galette des Rois is round pastry with la Frangipane.  You can see that  allboulangerie and patisserie sell this kind of pastry. And there is a small golden crown which is made of paperboard.

In France,  the happy atmosphere of new year and Christmas will finish afterla Fête des rois. It is similar to that Chinese new year finish after  Lantern Festival. Chinese people eat Yuanxiao and play lanterns while French people eatGalette des Rois and play game of pretending kings and queens .

On the day of la Fête des rois in Magnolia, teachers from France guided kids to make Galette des Rois. When making the pastry, teachers put a bean in it . The kid who ate it would be the king or queen on that day. The youngest baby would be under the table and distributed the pastry to other children。 This lucky baby will get good luck and he/she should asked someone to be his/her queen or king and kissed each other.


Children like learning tradition and culture during tasting delicious food. Although they are in the orient, they also can enjoy traditional French flavor and finish the past colorful year. What is luckier is that  in this remote eastern country , they will meet Chinese traditions, food and new year.

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