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Celebration of Chinese New Year

Celebration of Chinese New Year

This busy semester is going to finish. For teachers in Magnolia, working in Magnolia is just a bit of their quiet life. After one and one outdoors events and festival celebrations, Year of the Goat will ring down the curtain.

Before the last celebration, teachers spent much effort to move snow of Christmas and added red of Chinese New Year. Children made a 10-metre long dragon with paillettes,sticky notes and boxes.

This event was based on the unit of class.It not only gave parents a chance to attend their babies’ activity but also provided a platform for Magnolia’s teacher to show their talents.

At 9.00 am, the event started. Classrooms have been decorated with lucky package, Spring Festival Couplets, “ FU “stickers and fireworks stickers. On the tables, there were some introductions of originative games designed by our teachers.

Parents did morning exercise with babies to start this wonderful day. Children played their handmade dragon, which they have looked forward for 1 week already.

Parents and Children who come from different countries made decorations together.

While for children, the happiest thing was to eat food which made by themselves. All the class was like a big family. Thesat down together, some made dumpling wrappers, some made dumplings so that you can’t tell who is teacher of who is parent; who is adult or who is child.

From the activity to the food, then to the joyful,and harmonious atmosphere, the Chinese New Year is brand new experience to manyparents. As an international kindergarten which contains eastern and western culture, as the home for children, it is not only the luck of children and parents but also the happiest thing for Magnolia.


The taste of New Year is taste of Chinese. In the final analysis, it’s the taste of home.

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