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iscovery of ShanghaiUrbanPlanningExhibitionCenter

iscovery of  Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

On the last Wednesday of February, the citystill slept. While in an old house with French style, a story which is like “Madeline” performed. At 9.30am, our kindergarten has visited many peoplealready in this city which was not awake from the smell of soy milk and friedbread stick.

Children walked through old houses with hundred-year history , and Shanghai Art Museum which was covered with red creepers
 Kids saw history of Shanghai, pearls in the river of history which were representative architectures with different styles.They overlooked model of Shanghai and felt the spectacular city in change of light and shadow. The fusion of the history made us on the sky of this city and in the river of long history.

And then, Children touched the future of this city which was a green and reasonable and functional city. In the tender light,the future gave children a stamp.
Walking on the old street, this short trip finished. However, the discussion was still continued on back road, in the kindergarten, and on the dining table. This was children’s study which were real touch, absorbing, and feedback.
 As an open- minded kindergarten withmulticulture, we are in the centre of this city ,which is very lucky. We meetmany families who speak English, French, Spanish and Chinese, so the topic ofcity has special meaning to us. The topic of discovering city is going to the end. However, we don’t stop the city life and breathe the air of thiscity.

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Magnolia's Summer Adventure
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