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Healthy Food Week 2

This week, all is about healthy food. Connecting to the spring theme, we go out of school to look for nature, invite green life into our gate, and bring fresh yummy food for tasting and feeling.

We have ordered vegetable and fruit according to teachers’ activity plan. Every day the fresh food will arrive each classroom before the routine begins. All materials are prepared to be saved into children’s construction warehouse. They are waiting for insight in the following daily life.

Children gain the basic feeling of something throughobservation. They see the colour of different kinds of fruit and vegetable. They know the world is so bright and colourful. They learn the vocabularyof each colour in Chinese, English and French and connect the meaning among these languages.
They gain the experience of tasting and smelling sweet apple and sour lemon, before they know how to speak sour or sweet.

Art crafts with vegetable show the creativity of our teachers and children. Print a row of tulips. Cut and arrange the vegetable as a tree or flower. Use the sunflower seeds to make a sunflower.

Cutting is a basic activity of cooking. Fine and motor muscles are fully practiced. Eating when they cut is allowed, even encouraged. Motivate learning are hided into slight and secret actions. For children, good adultsare who can find they’re eager to learn.

On Thursday, One dietitian from Little Spoonful came to show us how to cook a pot of delicious and healthy vegetable soup. Children can get the most accurate guidance and learning through professional resources from outside of the school. Community offers many professional supports.  Children's life is not just limited into magnolia.

On Friday,we sat on the carpet which looks like a lawn, singing songs about food. We enjoyed the sunshine and smooth wind. It's such a happy ending of this yummy and fresh week.

In magnolia, nature gifts are our invisible curriculum. In the secluded corner of downtown, we abide by the pastoralnature and organic education.


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