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On 13th of April, Loulou, abeille and Iguana children took a fantastic bus, leaving downtown to visit an organic farm. It was such a beautiful day that everyone took off their jacket. In their heart, maybe that should be a magic world.

Nature is best education for no matter adults or children in magnolia. Senses are open because of pure air and bright sunshine. The true world is presented in an original way.

Canola flowers have been in large members. We can taste and smell the sweet wind. Children cannot stop laughing and jumping into such an environment. Human beeing should not live in a world built with steel and cement. We open ourselves in blue sky and beautiful sunshine. 

They saw living vegetable and fruit, which are so fresh that children cannot help but take off one leaf to taste. Children don’t like the way they look into bowls. Children are the smartest creature in the world. They like everything vivid and alive.
We had our lunchon the lawn. During the rest time we played football for a while. It’s the best pleasant time. 

In the afternoon, children can pick strawberries by themselves. The greenhousesare full of rich, ripe strawberry flavor. All of us put strawberries into our mouth. We feel the smile from each satisfied face. We feel the fresh from juicy strawberry. Maybe for some children this is the first time to feel the happiness of harvest.

We left the farm fully loaded. What’s more, the mark of nature remained in the memory of all our children.


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