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September 1th is a special day in kindergarten. Everything is coming back on that day. The new school year 2016-2017 is open to us. There’re so many things new in this semester, such as new classrooms, new toys, new teachers, and new class names. Almost everything is changing and getting better and better.

The first day, one child in Scarab Class brought a card made by the family which is for the new school year. The whole class took a photo together in front of the house for the beautiful memory in the past year and the development in the following year.



Children in CP Class have behaved like primary school students. They spend more time on reading and writing. They are so quiet, attentively and peaceful. Time has done great work on these children in the past 2 months. They grew up a lot during the past summer camp.


Children in Indiens Class have made their headwear with feathers and Indian style tents.



In the playground we booked some new children’s transportations. Children love them. They didn’t spend 1 second to be used to these new toys.






We bought a lot of new books this semester. Reading time is so nice. Nothing else is better than enjoying a book quietly.


We also renew our topic for this year. Each class is a symbol of a civilization in human being’s history. According to the topics, we will explore the culture and their history. In this old house which has been here for over 100 years, we are so close to the feeling of ancient things.



New school year is like a house moving. Children come back to the routine in school. They build the sense of security through reading, playing, listening to music and so on. In magnolia, love is always enough. We renew ourselves everyday and tell ourselves to love others just like loving ourselves.



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