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The Moon Topic 关于月亮的主题游戏
Even the middle autumn festival has passed,children are still talking about the moon. In children’s world, fun is the only rule.
Teachers will not miss any topics children want. If they’re still interested in the moon, then we keep working on that.
Tearing and sticking are the most favorite activities for children. It plays a vital part on their motor muscle development. Teaching objectives are always hided in activities. The most important thing is not what they have done, but what they are doing. Teachers focus on the observation of their children's play.
Cooking is one of the most popular activities in Magnolia. A cooking class can contain everything such as science,maths, language learning, social and emotional development, even art.

A yellow cake is like the moon. Children can even eat the moon. When they smell the cake, the feeling is like we're preparing a nice afternoon party in Magnolia.

Magnolia’s curriculum is open, thematic teaching is the basis. But our topic is alive. These creative teachers have a keen sense to the world. They use this strong sense to help children feel the world and pass the knowledge.



爸爸,我们要修月亮 Papa, We Want To Fix The Moon
PS class teacher Sylvain made a story with his children.Because the moon was broken, they want to fix it. So they use a huge ladder to climb on the moon. Children are very proud of their work. They can feel their own capacity and power. Teacher in this job is not working as a guide, instead of a teacher, he stimulate children’s confidence, inspiring them to express.


Children imagine climbing up to the moon when they lie on the floor. The sticks are turned into the ladder to touch the moon. In the dark night you can also find some dots sputtered from brushes which means the hazy moon light. It’s a beautiful picture. Children finished the components and teachers assembled them. Sometimes we are magicians and skillful craftsman who turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.


A small group art activity can contain the aspects of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. It’s all about art, science, physical development, language and pro-social behavior.
When we understand children's development, we will see that all beautiful and interesting things are all the good guide of their future life.


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