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Lantern Festival Performance

Before the Lantern Festival, children come back to class. It’s a lovely spring day at school with our children. It’s warm inside.

After the Lantern Festival, we worked with the community center to give everyone a nice performance. As the beginning of the 2017 and also best wishes.

We wrote a short story for the children and then set off searching China for our Golden Rooster! They were like little ants, each carrying pieces to assemble the entire show!

Children are all born with talent. They use their own ways to dance and sing.

表演结束,有的小演员依然留在舞台上,原来她是想大声告诉别人“我的妈妈在下面,我爱你妈妈。” 这让演出增添了更多喜感和童趣。
After the show,some children didn’t want to leave because her mother was among the attendance and they couldn’t stop shouting, “ I love you, Mom!”. We love this kind of endearing accident.

帅气的外教Ryan带领着孩子们在舞台上表演空手“劈砖”,李老师用中国大鼓表现了皇后乐队的经典名曲We Will Rock You。在孩子们眼里,万事万物都可以化为有趣的游戏。
Teacher Ryan coaches the children with Kong Fu and broke bricks on stage with fists. Class TRAJAN rock-n’-rolled “We Will Rock You” on the drums. To children, everything can be games, including these awesome performances.

Children sang some traditional Chinese songs. The stage was like an ancient Chinese town. Children walked the streets in red. The sounds of Shaolin Kung Fu; the smells of Ningbo Tang Tuan and Nanjing Blossom hanging in the air were in front of you. Here, children from all over the world speak Chinese.

The children preformed a short drama called “Pull up Radishes” in Mandarin. Class ARTEMIS played the roles of the grandfather, grandmother and the small animals for the story, all working together to pull up a gigantic radish.

The community center also prepared some traditional Chinese performances. There was a chorus of Chinese songs, live calligraphy, Chinese Kong Fu, and Suzhou Ping Tan. From these grandparents we see the value of a lifetime dedicated to art. It inspires our own lives.

Here we prepared some traditional Chinese ink-wash paintings and left them to be completed. Parents could add whatever they liked to the canvas: calligraphy, mountains and rivers, or anything else. After the performance, parents made some crafts with their children. Some of them made a Chinese dragon together, some of them made dumplings. They then got the chance to chat with the other parents about the kids while enjoying some hot coffee. Parents feel at home here at Magnolia, too. It was an another wonderful day.

These children are fortunate to be exposed to so many different wonders at such a receptive and curious time in their lives. The cultures of China and the Western world come together here, not only in name but in passion, as well. These children will be the authors of the future, educated as world citizens: the spokespeople of the world.

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