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Christmas at the Romans Time

In this Christmas, we planned to do something special about Christmas and Roman cultural elements. Each activity room was such a small workshop that children could feel the Christmas and Roman culture by discovering the history.

In the library, teachers prepared a story about Romulus and Remus (the builders of Roman city).  But the story was changed a little by the teachers and finally was lead to Christmas elements.

There were some Roman masks and music instruments like cymbals and gongs in the yoga room waiting for children to play. They wore the masks, laughing at each other, singing and dancing following the music.

The drainage system in Roman is very famous in the world.

In expressive room, talented teachers made some KT board Roman model. At the corner of the room there is a Christmas tree with decorations. Children could dress up as a roman soldier, gladiator or toga and take pictures.

We prepared some gingerbread dough in our kitchen. Children used some Christmas mold to print, to bake and to color the biscuits. They would like to take them home and share with the family members.

In the basement, a maze was built by big carpets. Children needed to fight and pass the dark maze and overcome some difficulties, and then they could see an old man sitting on a white chair beside a big Christmas tree with shining lights. He was Santa Claus. He prepared some delicious and cute chocolate cheese lollipops for our children.

The Christmas lasted the whole day. Children went through a long trip of knowing roman culture and Christmas by games in different workshops. Those ideas are like seeds planted in children’s heart, to let them stimulate the interests of other civilizations.


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